Observations of subtle differences…



Who does not belong?

Farm equipment sale in Lucerne, Co



Brand conflicts

I really tried to get him to turn just a bit, he was wearing in International brand sweatshirt.



On the ranch…


You would... if you could


Feeding time


Cutting the strings


Lights out



Outdoor Blk&Wht – Angles

Focus:  BLK & WHT  – Exposure



Leisure Pathway


Left behind

Piece of the past


Come sit





Welcome home ... again.




Ranch – Building the barn


A very cold day at the ranch.  A building crew builds a barn in a couple of days… very hard workers.

Focus:  Cold weather shooting, snapshot of a moment



Phipps Conservatory – Pittsburgh, PA

Select photos from a visit to Phipps Conservatory… more photos can be seen on my Flickr page (see side panel).

Focus:  Indoor photography: Colors, Lighting, Detail



University of Pittsburgh – Cathedral

Was really looking forward to a photo shoot at the University of Pittsburgh, but due to weather and family events we could only make it to that area one afternoon.  The lighting was not the best.  The Cathedral of Learning would have best been photographed in the morning and the chapel would have been best in the late afternoon to avoid either deep shadows from surrounding buildings or bright glare from the stone building materials.

Focus:  Wide angle lens – attempt at photographing very tall buildings and capturing detail


Platteville Photo Walk

This is my first photo walk in Platteville, CO… (or anywhere).   It is very interesting to look at your surroundings and trying to find that aspect of the object or scene that tells a story or shares a feeling.  I need to do this more often, preferably with someone who also has a camera and we can compare photos and insights after the walk.

Focus:  Black & White – Contrast of light and lines


On vacation

It is too time consuming to maintain two blogs that do the same thing…so this blog will be on hold until June 23rd when we get back…

Hawaii photos will be posted on http://srethage.wordpress.com